Communication is one of the most important factors for business development. Promoting your products and services on a regular basis is crucial. This would ensure that your customers are aware as to what is new. While there are several ways of communicating with customers, one of the easiest and most popular is via email. Although you can send promotional emails for free, it is likely that your mail remains unopened. A more effective way would be to send SMS on the customers' mobile phones. Research has found that almost 97% promotional or marketing SMS are read by people.

While sending SMS is a much successful marketing strategy, it can cost you a lot if you go for the normal SMS rates. Hence, OSKITSOLUTIONS has introduced bulk SMS services for our customers. Now, you can stay in touch with your customers through SMS without burning a hole in your bank account. You may be a mobile company or an educational institute, OSKITSOLUTIONS bulk SMS services would be a great tool to provide information about new products, offers, reminders, discount alerts, etc. Schools, colleges, clubs, private tutorials, finance companies, online businesses, travel companies, marketing and advertising agencies, etc. are some of the organizations that use bulk SMS services. It is a great way of sending alerts regarding marketing campaigns, news, reservations, birthday greetings, mobile coupons, stock market alerts, promotional activities, etc. If you think that OSKITSOLUTIONS bulk SMS services are what you are looking for, we are just a call away! Call us to know about more about the product and the amazing rates we offer.

Bulk SMS